Reduce Brand's Risk & Reputation with real-time insights, sentiment trends from millions of social media, news

Real-time Insights to monitor portfolio's emerging risk and opportunity alerts

Unlock Opportunities faster with real-time insights from millions of news, social media

Monitor non-financial ESG, Sustainability insights & KPI's for good governance.

秒速飞艇开奖历史记录 Discover Fast Insights from Billions of Social Media and News data

Stay ahead with Alivecore. Ease-of-use, Real-time, Faster

Millions of data

Real-time Insights

Better Decisions

Improve Revenue

Trusted by World Leading Companies, Brands

Alivecore : Real-time 360 view of
Brand Reputation & Sentiment Insights

Explainable AI Solutions Delivered Quickly

Our Advanced AI Platform is the secured efficient way to build explainable AI solutions quickly for any use-case.

We help organisations drive strategic value and ROI from AI, and build AI solutions quickly and securely.

  • Identify Opportunities with best-fit AI solutions
  • Rapid deployable AI platform with built-in solutions
  • Easy Integration to run applications on-cloud, on-premise

Alivecore delivers value in many applications

Brand Reputation

Customer Sentiment

Portfolio Analysis

Customer Insights

PR & Comms

Sustainable Finance

Financial Crime

Regulatory Compliance


Innovations in AI




Satisfied Clients


Completed Projects

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