Explainable AI to amplify Human Intelligence

Intelligence & Creativity is a quality that is unique to Humans. Our Mission is to amplify Human Intelligence with Trusted Solutions. Our AI Technology relies on Human expertise and make it better.

HaiX is an innovative company developing cutting-edge solutions with Explainable AI. We help Organizations to augment Human Intelligence with Explainable AI Solutions and deploy at faster speed, lower cost using our AI platform for Organisations:

  • Financial Services
  • Enterprises
  • ESG

Our amazing team is at the fore-front of AI innovation with cutting-edge R&D. We have a diverse team of successful Entrepreneurs (with exits), leading AI Phd's & Explainable AI experts, CXX Level Executives. We help Organizations get ROI quickly with X AI in:

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • NLP

Our Amazing team

Raj Muppala

CEO and Founder

Orest Sota

AI & Tech Lead

Alexander Pohl

Sales & Innovation

Prof. Tasos Dagiuklas

R & D , AI Innovation Lead (part-time)

AI Research Advisors (Top AI Professors & AI Researchers)

Dr. David Lopez

Latest AI Research (NLP)

Prof. Sophia Ananiadou

AI & Text Mining

Dr.Siva Konduru (MD, FRCR)

Senior Advisor - AI Research

Advisory Team (Interim)

Eric Lui

Advisor - Investments & Go to Market

Ian Sorek

Interim Advisor - Partnerships & Business Development

Bipasha Ghosh

Interim Advisor - Media Misinformation Research